3 Day Cleanse

Yay to participating in our 3 day cleanse! Our signature juice cleanse is all about recognizing what we are putting into our bodies and being intentional with our health and wellness! Our juice cleanses are designed for new and advanced juicers, and consists of consuming a variation of 6 juices per day with no additional meals to rest your digestive system, and deliver vitamins and minerals to your body. 

Included in our 3 day cleanse: Kiwi Do You Love Me (3), Soul Beets (3), Oh Kale Yes (3), Channel Orange (3), Berry Bombshell (3), and Lemon Crush Lemonade (3)

For the optimal cleansing experience, we recommend drinking 1 juice every 2 hours in the following order:

Sample Schedule:

8am: Kiwi Do You Love Me

10am: Soul Beets

12pm: Oh Kale Yes

3pm: Channel Orange 

5pm: Berry Bombshell

7pm: Lemon Crush Lemonade 


Our juices are 100% natural, so please keep refrigerated.