Our cold-pressed natural juices are exactly what you need to restore your energy.

Not only does each bottle of juice contain up to 4lbs of fresh produce, but they are each filled with robust flavors. Our juices provide a unique blend of flavor creating a refreshing sip of soul, while also allowing our customers to indulge in an array of health benefits!

 Our juices are 100% natural, but highly perishable, so please keep refrigerated for optimal consumption. We pride ourselves in using organic ingredients, but due to seasonal availability, each juice will not be 100% organic. At Blend of Soul, we believe that cold-pressing is the best possible way to maintain the natural integrity of our juices, and are really passionate about utilizing this method of extraction.  

What makes us unique? We design each recipe with taste and feeling first, not price. If we don’t LOVE it, we won’t create it. Our juices are unpasteurized and have a 7 day refrigerated shelf life! Can you say Oh Kale Yes? For maximum results, we recommend consuming our juices within 48-72 hours. Trust us, you won’t regret it! Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients, each of our juices are an excellent way to start your day and the perfect vibe you need to wind down.  


Mango Me Crazy

·     Best-seller!
·     Kids love!
·     High in antioxidants
·     Boosts immunity (high in Vitamin A which helps fight infections)
·     Aids in digestion 
·     High in Vitamin C (improves skin & hair)



Kiwi Do You Love Me?

·    Boosts immune system & energy
·     Contains properties that aid in fighting infection
·     High in soluble fiber (feel fuller longer, lowers fat absorption,
lowers cholesterol)
·     Anti-inflammatory
·     Reduces fat buildup in the liver



Berry Bombshell

·     Boosts metabolism
·     Boosts energy levels
·     Aids in hydration
·     Packed with Vitamin C
·     Great source of Vitamin K
·     Low in calories
·     High in antioxidants
·     Heart happy! 




Oh Kale Yes

·     High in antioxidants
·     Perfect pick me up! 
·     Lowers cholesterol 
·     Good source of calcium
·     Increases eye health
·     Reduces bloating & constipation
·     Boosts immune system
·     Great for skin & hair
·     Promotes heart health 



Lemon Crush Lemonade

· Aids in weight control
· High in Vitamin C (water-soluble vitamin)
· Contains gingerol (responsible for medicinal properties)
· Boosts immunity
· Reduces muscle pain & soreness
· Lowers blood sugar
· Aids in chronic indigestion
· Improves brain function