Our juicing interest was sparked by vowing to live a healthier lifestyle, but also making it cost effective. Incorporating natural ingredients with a unique blend is what birthed Blend of Soul.

We are Margo and Kiera, and we make up the vibrant, soul-centered female love duo, Blend of Soul! We are a black owned juice company based out of Durham, NC and we are inspired by the love that we have for our community. We are all about healthy food, fresh cold-pressed juices, and encouraging our community to live a healthier lifestyle with a little taste of soul.

Through our brand, we hope to create a legacy within our community by encouraging a healthy and affordable lifestyle. We hope that our brand introduces our customers to the benefits of juicing! Zeroing in on what we put into our bodies is one of the foundational elements of health and wellness, and we hope that through our brand, we can continue to educate and expand on this concept.

Whether it be music, books, poetry, or painting; we support the arts! Our fun, funky names are a make-up of different components of art; however, the delicious and nutritious flavors are what keeps our customers coming back!

Blend of Soul isn’t just our company name, it’s a vibe. Soul is in our roots. It’s who we are. Soul connects people from different walks of life, and we wanted to create long lasting experiences with each of our customers through our delicious food and juices!